Trailer: Paul Bunyan

English National Opera, Alexandra Palace Theatre, 2019

Trailer: Eugene Onegin

Buxton International Festival, Buxton Opera House, 2019

Music Video: Slow Motions

By Molly Mango, 2019

Dance Film: Phoenix

Birdsong (A virtual collaboration lockdown project)

By Aislinn King, 2017

OSO Arts Centre, The House is Now Open, 2020

“Stylised choreography of choruses can quickly be overdone, but movement director Jasmine Ricketts found the perfect balance throughout as her potent mixture of unison and separate gestures ratcheted up the tension in the pressure cooker of the studio space… The tightly choreographed semi-chorus of school bullies, fiercely taunting and laying into Phaeton to a Bernstein-like accompaniment, was vivid and exciting…” - BachTrack on The Day After

"...remarkable movement direction by Jasmine Ricketts... Manton and his team have created an environment that is not only visually stunning in its own right, but that lends itself incredibly well to a performance of such raw emotion and energy." - Pursued by Bears (TheatreBloggers) on No Quarter

"It’s visually stunning and with movement director, Jasmine Ricketts’, beautifully choreographed scene changes, it makes for compelling watching that is utterly intoxicating." - The Bardette on A Single Act

'The verisimilitude is aided by Ben Ormerod’s discrete lighting and, especially, Jasmine Ricketts’ imaginatively devised choreography which neatly and slickly conjures the busyness and bustle of farm life within the confines of the fairly small stage.' - Opera Today on The Elixir of Love 

'I should note that Jasmine Ricketts’ choreography was rather convincing despite not being overcomplicated... a young child practising her ballet positions, some serfs sweeping the yard and gathering in the harvest, were simple but effective ways of transporting us with the narrative to the scenery of 19th-century rural Russia.' - Bachtrack on Eugene Onegin

'The choreography by Jasmine Ricketts was impressive.' - The Derbyshire Times on Eugene Onegin

'Fleshed out with a couple of professional dancers*, Jasmine Ricketts’ choreography is well delivered by the entire company, avoiding the mistake of turning realistic social dance sequences into fully balletic interventions.' - The Stage on Eugene Onegin 

(*There were no professional dancers!)

'Top of the class was choreographer, Jasmine Ricketts. Every movement was delightfully understated... immaculately pointed choreography.' - Seen and Heard International on Paul Bunyan

'ENO showcases its chorus in many individual parts; they sound great, but they're also having a ball, smartly choreographed by Jasmine Ricketts.' - The Times on Paul Bunyan